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“One cannot not communicate”, says psychoanalyst Paul Watzlawick in one of his well-known communication texts, a statement that reminds us that everything we convey to our target audience, verbal, through intonation, and through body language, can be interpreted very differently.

The communication & languages network, an independent consortium of highly-qualified experts from the various fields of international relations, is prepared to work hard to ensure the success of your conference, negotiation, marketing, and/or publication.  We want you to make the same lasting good impression on your international business partners that you make on those in your local market.

With our service you receive:

  • Written translations of desired quality: idiomatic texts in an active and current language.
  • Simultaneous interpretation that focuses on the nuances of your speech or discourse, and helps you overcome cultural, psychological, and language-oriented communication barriers.
  • Intensive and goal-oriented preparatory seminars to address language particulars in relation to business etiquette and/or strategic demands in connection with your visit to another country and culture.
  • In addition to these services, our staff is happy to offer advice regarding communication for your company.  Our services are currently available in Germany, the European Economic Area, the United States, Russia, and China.